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DAILY NEWS - Feb 4, 2012 - Pres. Obama: Day #1112, ObamaCare: Day #676, Days Till New NV: 0Days
RESULTS: ROMNEY(43%), Gingrich(26%), Paul(19%), Santorum(13%) (Precincts: 45%)
Conservatives dominate in Nevada GOP caucuses
Romney takes big early lead in Nevada voting
NEVADA: Entrance Polls, Romney (Wins All Categories)
Bachmann: GOP Primary Race May End Soon
Gingrich keeps low profile on Decision Day in Nevada
Presidential circus comes to the Nevada caucus
Presidential circus comes to the Nevada caucus
With Mitt in the lead, anti-Romney Rep. weigh their options
Nevada caucus: 5 things to watch
Romney favored in NV caucuses: Three big reasons why
Romney Gingrich Santorum Las Vegas
  McCarthy: Romney should leave class warfare to the professionals.
  Bella Santorum popular on campaign trail
  Newt Gingrich Plots His Comeback
  VIDEO: Ron Paul on Piers Morgan: Defends Romney on 'Poor' Comment
  VIDEO: Santorum: Iran Nukes Threaten Missouri
  G.O.P. Candidates Are Told, Don’t Use the Verses, It’s Not Your Song
  Mississippi Most Conservative State, D.C. Most Liberal
  Roemer eligible to receive federal campaign funds
  ROMNEY: President Obama Versus Religious Liberty
  Wis. Gov. to meet with D.A. in probe of aides
  STEYN: The Liberal Enforcers
  Bloomberg reloads in push for gun control
  VIDEO: NBC2 Investigates: Voter fraud
  VIDEO: DNC Web ad: In Trying to Hit Romney, Did They Also Hurt Obama?
  Scott Walker Supporters Take Up Effort to Write in Gov’s Name in Democratic Primary
  Reagan Fails To Make Professors' Top 10 List
  Democrats’ Rotten Primary Choices
  VIDEO: Sisterhood: NBC News Star Mitchell Thanks Senator Boxer for Planned Parenthood Advocacy
  VIDEO: Watch Bill Maher Unbaptize Mitt Romney’s Dead Father-in-Law
  Pew: Democrats getting hammered by religious voters.
  Big labor plans 'Occupy CPAC'
  Washington Occupy protesters comply with no-camping
  Police raid Occupy DC
  Democrats counter energy security claims about Keystone pipeline project
Romney and Trump
Iran's Supreme Leader Threatens Israel, U.S.
Iran mass producing anti-ship cruise missile: TV
Iran 'detaining' relatives of journalists: BBC
Iran reports launch of small satellite into orbit
Israel, U.S. Divided Over Timing of Potential Iranian Strike
Israel Warns US Jews: Iran Could Strike Here
US fears Iran's links to Al Qaeda as officials believe country may have provided aid to terror group
Annonymous Syria Putin Panetta
Panetta reassures European allies over defense cuts
- Military Chaplains Ordered Not to Read Catholic Letter Against Obama on Contraception
- Courting Disaster in Afghanistan… Panetta
  Foreign Affairs
  Blast hits gas pipeline between Egypt, Jordan, Israel
  The human hourglass: The Romanian model who has just a 20-INCH waist
  UN: Civilian deaths in Afghan war hit record high
  Poland freezes anti-piracy pact ratification
  Megaupload: Kim Dotcom describes his strange prison encounters in New Zealand court
  Falkland tensions grow ahead of invasion anniversary
Italian court rules men convicted of gang rape do not have to be jailed
Heavy snow traps more people in Eastern Europe
Other Interesting Issues
  Miami named most miserable US city
  Chicken Wing Cupcakes: Latest Super Bowl Gluttony
  VIDEO: Android Model Waits for a Friend in a Tokyo Department Store Display
  VIDEO: Freudian Slip of the Year… On Live TV
How desperate Demi Moore tagged along to infamous 'penis cake' party thrown by Miley Cyrus
- Bruce Willis Wanted Demi Moore to Get Help Before She and Ashton Kutcher Split
Web Fury Spurs Komen Reversal
- Susan G. Komen flap spurred on by social media
  Lake Vostok drilling in Antarctic 'running out of time'
  Serbia Frozen: Arctic Blast Blamed for Six Deaths
  Los Angeles school rocked by arrest of second teacher on molestation allegations
  Vermont inmates hide pig in official police car decal
  FCC: Station can refuse to run anti-abortion ad during Super Bowl
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