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DAILY NEWS - Jan 30, 2012 - Pres. Obama: Day #1107, ObamaCare: Day #671, Days Till New FL: 1 Days
State of the Union
VIDEO: John McCain and Fred Thompson on Meet the Press
VIDEO: Newt Gingrich on Face the Nation
VIDEO: This Week: Interview with Newt Gingrich
VIDEO: This Week Roundtable: Fight for Florida
VIDEO: Fox News Sunday: Panel Plus
VIDEO: Fox News: Interview with Jeb Bush
VIDEO: CNN State of the Union: Will Paul Stay in the Race?
VIDEO: CNN State of the Union: Florida Gov. Rick Scott
VIDEO: RNC Chair Reince Priebus on Face the Nation
VIDEO: Michele Bachmann on Face the Nation
VIDEO: Face the Nation: Tea Party Versus Establishment?
VIDEO: Paul Ryan on Fox News Sunday
VIDEO: Newt Gingrich on Fox News Sunday
VIDEO: DNC Chairwoman on Face the Nation
VIDEO: Axelrod: Romney Is A "Weak Front-Runner"
  Eric Holder Newt Gingrich Rep Allen West
U.S. President
  VIDEO: Obama Tells Woman It Is "Interesting" Her Unemployed Husband Can't Find Job
  VIDEO: Obama: I Created 22 Million Jobs 
  VIDEO: Obama No Longer Calls Bush 'Unpatriotic' for Increases
  Catholic Church vs. Obama in Election Showdown
  Obama campaign rolls out Square mobile fundraising platform
  VIDEO: Obama Takes Question From Occupy Protester At Online Google Event
  White House: No rush on Iran
  Treasury ups auto bailout loss estimate… $85B
  Barack Obama is trying to make the US a more socialist state
White House fury at 'false' claims Michelle Lingerie…
- Michelle Obama Spent How Much on Lingerie, $50,000 in one shopping spree
VIDEO: Obama Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack "Food Stamps Are A Stimulus and Creating Jobs"
- Obama Administration Offers $75,000 Grants to Sign Up More Food Stamp Recipients
  VIDEO: RNC Chairman: Obama Is Like Wrecked Italian Cruise Ship Captain
  Axelrod: Solyndra loan not as bad as Romney work for Bain Capital
VIDEO: Pat Buchanan: Reagan White House saw Newt as ‘something of a political opportunist’
- Gingrich doubles down on claim to Reagan’s legacy
  Malkin Endorses Santorum
VIDEO: Rush to Newt: Stop Whining!
- Reagan’s son rallies to defiant Gingrich’s side
- VIDEO: Gingrich ad: America is Looking Like Cuba
- Newt's promise: No reporters as moderators
Gingrich wins Tea Party Patriots Florida straw poll
- Tea Party Patriots straw poll: Santorum nomination would generate most enthusiasm
  VIDEO: Christie: ‘Spend Less, That’s It’
  VIDEO: Mark Levin: Lay off Matt Drudge! The MSM hates his guts…
  VIDEO: Romney criticizes Gingrich attacks as 'sad and painfully revealing'
  Gingrich hits Romney as favorite of bailed-out bankers, George Soros
VIDEO: Cain to Newsmax: Newt Promised Me a Position in his Cabinet and 9-9-9 Consideration
- Cain: Finishing second a 'win' for Gingrich in Florida
  VIDEO: Gingrich Calls for a Debate on Character w/ Romney
  VIDEO: Gingrich: Lost FL Debates Because I Was ‘Amazed’ By Romney’s Lies
  VIDEO: Trump On The GOP Race: ‘The Level Of Hatred… Is Unbelievable’
  Snoop Dogg (Sort Of) Backs Ron Paul
  Occupy DC protesters make 'citizens' arrest' of Fox News van
  Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Obama's Bodyguard
  VIDEO: Miss Piggy Blasts Fox News At London Press Conference
  VIDEO: Wasserman Schultz: Remarks likening Obama to disgraced captain ‘incendiary’
  VIDEO: NY Mag Editor Admits On National TV He Never Reported John Kerry's Income Tax Rate in 2004
  Oakland couple strangled by Occupier son
  AOL chief not feting $135M buy anniversary of HuffPo
  Alec Baldwin says Republicans are 'nervous'
  VIDEO: MSNBC's Matthews: Is Mitt Romney "Just Too Damn Rich?"
  VIDEO: Krauthammer Educates Liberal on Newts Climb and Fall
  VIDEO: Police Clash With #OccupyOakland, Three Officers Injured
  VIDEO: Maher: 'Who The F**k Is Saul Alinsky?'
  Starbucks: Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage ‘Is Core to Who We Are and What We Value’
Alfalfa Dinnner Syria GOP Candidates\ Mexican Border
  Foreign Affairs
  Volcanic eruptions emerge as lead cause for Little Ice Age
  Brazil leader arrives in Cuba to talk trade, ties
  Afghan woman killed, apparently for bearing girl
  Putin promises Russia 'new economy' after protests
  High-tech Israeli drone crashes on test flight
  EU Leaders Agree to Permanent Bailout Fund
  How church, Castros learned to coexist
  VIDEO: Footage: Palestinians in Lebanon Shown Saluting Nazi/Hizbullah Style
Other Interesting Issues
  San Francisco airport unveils yoga room for travelers
  VIDEO: Woman Marries Building in Order to Save It
  2200-Year-Old Mummy w/ Prostate Cancer?
  2 Students Facing Expulsion Over Asthma Inhaler‎ 
  WikiLeaks' Assange to guest on 'The Simpsons'
  Caving group questions bat death numbering 7M
  Seattle woman 'marries' building in attempt to save it
  Anti-Racism Campaign Draws Concerns of Racism
  Can hunting endangered animals save the species?
  VIDEO: Doomsday Preppers National Geographic
  VIDEO: Shipwreck Hunters Make an Unusual Find… Space Ship?
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